Meet Clare | Your Napa & Petaluma Patient Care Manager

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Hello! My name is Clare, and I am so grateful my life journey has led me to Hello Ortho.
My first impression to orthodontics growing up in Washington State was watching my 8 siblings experience orthodontic challenges and treatment, as well as, myself, friends, and my husband, in different degrees. That’s right, I had braces too. I was an adult in my late twenties, and on Valentine’s Day, my husband gave me braces as a Valentine gift, a gift I had always wanted.
Secondly, as a mom, now living in the beautiful Napa Valley, it has been wonderful to see the transformation of my children’s teeth in their orthodontic adventures. Like the other hobbies I enjoy: running, long walks, hiking, biking, swimming, singing, art, cooking, and dancing, the study and practice of orthodontics is an exciting challenge which creates beauty for the physical and emotional well-being of others-this gives me a great sense of purpose! I am so happy to work with such a kind and competent team and care for patients I consider friends. I hope to meet you and to be apart of your Hello Ortho adventure!