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can saying hello change someone’s life?

It’s a small and simple act, yet powerful and profound. It’s the acknowledgment of someone’s life. It says “You matter to me”. Hello creates the warmth of a positive connection. Hello says I care about you and I’m glad we crossed paths. And receiving a hello feels like a new day, a new dawn, and a new horizon of opportunities. 

While a single hello might not change the world for most, matching this warm salutation with the profession of orthodontics can for many. Because “hello” accompanied by a bold, bright smile becomes the strength to open doors of possibilities. This is our culture. It’s one that welcomes patients with the promise of a brighter future. It’s one that elevates confidence by elevating the craft of a smile. It’s not a marketing gimmick. It’s not a discounted deal. It’s a perspective that can truly change someone’s life. 

At Hello Ortho, the word “hello” means more. It empowers our patients to take on their biggest dreams with confidence and courage, one hello at a time. That’s why we say Hello, Adventure!

A very

warm welcome

We’re OCD about being patient centered, customer obsessed, and setting a new standard in the style and quality of the orthodontic experience.


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Get to know us


GET TO KNOW Dr. Jordan

“Every patient is treated as if they were part of my family” – Dr. Jordan Lamberton
Dr. Jordan’s Grandpa was an orthodontist, his Father is a cosmetic/restorative dentist, his Mother is a dental hygienist and his Sister is a Myofunctional Therapist/Hygienist… So yeah, he and his family is kind of into Smiles!
My Why

“I believe my highest purpose at Hello Ortho is to find the absolute best solutions, technologies, and education to provide the greatest level of care, health and outcomes for my patients. I believe in treating the whole patient (airway, esthetics, function, and overall health and vitality)…so for me it’s about so much more than straight teeth. I believe in empowering my team to make not only an impact in our patient’s health and esthetics, but also improving our patient’s confidence, emotional state and well-being. Finally, and most importantly, I believe orthodontics should be a fun and joy filled adventure.”


Jordan Lamberton, also known as Dr. Jordan, is the owner and award-winning orthodontist at Hello Ortho in Napa and Petaluma California.

Dr. Jordan was born and raised locally in Napa and is a 3rd generation dentist. Dr. Jordan got his start with orthodontics because of his father who is a local general dentist in Napa and his grandfather who was a missionary serving both as an orthodontist and a general dentist in Thailand. Also Dr. Jordan’s mother is a dental hygienist, his sister is a Myofunctional Therapist and his wife Ashley works with Dr. Jordan at Hello Ortho. You can imagine the family dinners, right?

Dr. Jordan also has a passion for lifelong learning, and formerly taught at the University of the Pacific Orthodontic Clinic in San Francisco, he is a published author, and he also is constantly taking seminars and courses from the best orthodontists and dentists locally and in countries all over the world. His favorite part of his profession is caring for and helping patients get the smiles they want and deserve.

Fun Facts
I literally cannot eat a meal without it
Why wouldn’t I just watch Netflix?
I mean, who doesn’t?
I’ve got moves… I just don’t want people to see them
Still trying to find Atlantis
You can’t be serious



Meet your favorite

Orthodontic team

[ Meet Ashley ]

[ Meet Ashley ]

It is such a gift to be a part of the transformation in our patients smiles, jaws, and airway.



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I had orthopedics and orthodontics as a child and am so grateful to my parents for selecting an orthodontist that understood both orthopedics & orthodontics. I’m proud to work with Dr. Jordan and our team at Hello Ortho, we are dedicated to all of our patients and the transformation for the next generation.

At Hello Ortho, our mission is to move teeth, hearts, and minds.

[ Meet Janet ]

[ Meet Janet ]

Have you ever heard of the saying, "Love what you do and you'll never have to work a day in your life"?


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I’m so blessed to actually have that as my reality. I believe in helping people beyond their smile. Yes, I absolutely love seeing the end result of a more beautiful, healthy smile from when a person’s journey begins with us; but what I love the most about being a part of Hello Ortho is being part of the transformation that happens to a person as a whole from a short amount of time with a team that truly cares.

[ Meet Larissa ]

[ Meet Larissa ]

Why I love working at Hello Ortho....the staff is wonderful, fun, honest, and great people to work with...


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Why I love working at Hello Ortho… the staff is wonderful, fun, honset, and great people to work with. (hard to find that in today’s world). I also love the time and effort Dr Jordan spends with each patient. I have had 3 kids in braces and one granddaughter in Braces… my 3 kids were not with Dr. Jordan (years ago), my grand-daughter was. She loves Dr. Jordan and how he made her feel special. Dr. Jordan does not treat his patients like a number….. each person’s treatment is unique to fit them, and he strives to get each client the very best results! Dr. Jordan truly cares about each person that walks in to Hello Ortho….. and you can tell… because his entire staff does the same thing! At times, when I am answering the phones and I know clients are shopping around… I want to reach through the phone and SAY You Have to Come HERE! Dr. Jordan will give you the Best TREATMENT!! He is always researching and staying up on the best treatments and methods out there for Otho…..I am blessed to be here, AND So Are You!!

[ Meet Annie ]

[ Meet Annie ]

I believe life's a journey and we deserve to smile our way through it. A smile is a huge expression...


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I believe life’s a journey and we deserve to smile our way through it. A smile is a huge expression of oneself and possibly my favorite accessory an individual can wear. Helping a person build not only a healthy smile but also gaining confidence, comfort and happiness is increibly important to me. Everyday I choose to create smiles for our patients’ life journey and establish a friendship along the way.
[ Meet Alejandra ]

[ Meet Alejandra ]

I love working in orthodontics because I love seeing people transform, not just their smiles but also their confidence.


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I love working in orthodontics because I love seeing people transform, not just their smiles but also their confidence. I love being the first person that patients interact with on the phone and in person, and the last person on their way out. As a child I didn’t get the chance to have orthodontic treatment, so I love being able to help families receive the treatment they deserve. At Hello Ortho we all share the same passion for orthodontics. Our patients become our family and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


To the family