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AGES 4-10
We know you are an advocate for your family’s health and well-being. We also know you want to give your children a leg up and strong foundations in life. It can be overwhelming with all the information, choices, and decisions about using resources on what is best for them. At Hello Ortho, we believe that every child deserves to be set up for success with their health, growth, sleep, cognition, and attractiveness. This is why our orthodontist, Dr. Jordan, who comes from a 3rd generation lineage of orthodontists and dentists, is so...click to read more
passionate about pediatric orthodontics and knowing how to optimize children’s growth, development, and airways. When we are able to start early treatment, before your child is done growing, then we are able to get optimal and superior results compared to orthodontics alone without doing more invasive procedures like jaw surgery. So stop missing out on an optimal window of opportunity to affect your child’s health, and well-being and start setting them up for all of life’s successes today!
AGES 10-17
At Hello Ortho we know you want to give your family the best opportunities in life and in order to do that they need to show their confident smile to the world. The problem is that their smile doesn’t reflect who they truly are inside which makes them feel unnoticed. We believe everyone should radiate their unique personality! We also know how it feels to hide your smile, which is why we are committed to giving your child the smile of a lifetime! So stop being worried about your family's confidence and start giving your family the gift ...click to read more
of a fully empowered smile leading to a fully empowered life!
AGES 18-90
We know you want to show your authentic attractive self to the world, in order to do this, you want your smile to look great, feel great, and last a long time. The problem is that traditional orthodontics with standard metal braces is uncomfortable and takes too long, which makes the process overwhelming to get started. We believe that every adult should have an attractive smile as unique as they are, and all of our adult patients say they wished they started the treatment with us sooner in life. We understand the nuisance of going through...click to read more
traditional orthodontic care. This is why our orthodontist, Dr. Jordan, has dedicated his mission to learning and utilizing technologies, techniques, and systems which make the orthodontic process easier, faster, more comfortable, and better looking. In fact, our process is up to 50% faster than the industry standard. So stop hiding your smile and start living your best life today!
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A typical orthodontic treatment can be as low as $99/mo.

After your free consultation, we will discuss specific recommendations, packages, options, and financing without any obligation so you will know EXACTLY what it costs before starting your adventure. We love transparent and flexible financing options!

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Some Very
Kind words
  • I was a reluctant patient as I am older. The staff were amazing and kept answering all my questions. I finally settled on Invisalign and did it. The office is fun and thoughtfully decorated so you don’t feel nervous about being in a medical office. I would highly recommend this orthodontist to young and mature patients!

    Francine Agapoff Avatar Francine Agapoff
    August 13, 2020

    Changed my smile, they were polite every visit make ya feel special. They offer a wide variety of plans and services totally recommend. Did I mention they make huge confidence boosters definitely 5/5 on that yelp,yessssssir

    Misael Trejo Avatar Misael Trejo
    June 10, 2020
  • Just completed 9 months of Invisalign with HelloOrtho and I can’t speak highly enough about my experience with Dr. Jordan and his team. From day 1, everyone in the office is so genuinely kind. They give you several options and let you decide what you feel most comfortable with which is amazing. I moved to SF mid treatment and this crew is well worth the hour drive to see them. HelloOrtho is the best!!!!

    Angela Deeb Ritter Avatar Angela Deeb Ritter
    September 21, 2021

    We absolutely love Dr. Jordan and his staff! They are always so friendly and welcoming! They are also excellent at answering any questions or concerns that you may have about treatment. Another perk, my daughter loves playing in their little backyard play area while her brother gets his teeth worked on! It’s always a great experience.

    Aileen Macaulay Avatar Aileen Macaulay
    June 15, 2022

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“I believe my highest purpose at Hello Ortho is to find the absolute best solutions, technologies, and education to provide the greatest level of care, health and outcomes for my patients. I believe in treating the whole patient (airway, esthetics, function, and overall health and vitality)…so for me it’s about so much more than straight teeth. I believe in empowering my team to make not only an impact in our patient’s health and esthetics, but also improving our patient’s confidence, emotional state and well-being. Finally, and most importantly, I believe orthodontics should be a fun and joy filled adventure.”

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LightForce – a new era of custom bracesWhat is Airway Orthodontics?What is Airway Orthodontics? Airway orthodontics is a specialized form of orthodontic treatment that focuses on improving thefunction of the airway, or the passage through which air flows in and out of...

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