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LightForce – a new era of custom braces

One-stop-solution to every patients need for personalized orthodontics

Imagine the joy when someone says, “This was tailor-made for you!” Off the top of your hat, you instantly know that it is going to be nothing short of perfection. What if we said the same for your orthodontic treatment as well? Introducing LightForce! The world’s first digital planning and 3D-printing orthodontic system that has the ability to curate fully customized dental braces.

There’s more to LightForce!

LightForce brings to the table state of the art technology that can be a prime alternative for traditional braces. Its superior digital planning technology gives an orthodontist a view into the future – where they can predict the end result and position of a tooth at the start of the treatment. This serves as a great advantage to any orthodontist giving them an upper hand over the orthodontic process.

Not just that, when compared to traditional braces, Lightforce braces offer increased accuracy and convenience. Through its use of digital technology, it can precisely measure the size and shape of a tooth and create custom braces for a patient’s teeth. This is for anyone who wants a hassle-free orthodontic treatment with a customized solution and less frequent visits to an orthodontist.

The LightForce difference!

Like we said, it’s all about the accuracy and customization that the LightForce treatment offers. From planning to projected outcome and the process in between, the information is readily made available to an orthodontist through the advanced digital technology that comes with LightForce.


When it comes to traditional braces, they are ready-made and a patient seldom receives the right fit. This makes it a cause for major inconveniences and frequent orthodontist visits. But with Lightforce, such issues are absent. Thanks to the digital planning an orthodontist receives from Lightforce at the start of treatment!


The way LightForce works…

Step 1: Consult

When you choose LightForce, the first thing we do is a formal and thorough introduction of LightForce. From its pros and cons to what it entails, the process and procedure of treatment – all the works!

Step 2: Scan

After we’ve received a ‘yes’, we proceed to a specialized scan of the inside of your mouth. It captures 3D images in high-resolution that serve as the starting point to Lightforce treatment’s custom braces.

Step 3: Plan

Using LightForce’s cloud-based software of the recent scan, Dr. Jordan Lamberton will put together a treatment plan that works best for you. This will give you an idea of what to expect in terms of your teeth’s movements based on the existing alignment issues. Lightforce treatment also provides the space to alter plans if needed in case of issues as the treatment progresses, which is usually a rarity.

Step 4: Treat

LightForce treatment involves two sets of 3D printed mechanisms – a. tray and b. braces. These are printed post orthodontist’s approval to move your teeth into its correct position and fixed to your teeth accordingly.

LightForce – what’s not to like! 

Not just for patients but LightForce is a dream to work with for orthodontists as well. We love the control and predictability that it offers. To sum up, from better fit through digitally designed braces to comfort and accuracy it offers to lesser treatment duration and orthodontist visits to precise treatment outcome, the benefits are many. Be it correcting your bite, straightening your teeth or presenting that perfect smile – May the LightForce be with you!