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what to expect

from our free orthodontic consultation

We always invite prospective patients to visit our office for a free consultation.
Although there’s no charge, this consultation is not a quick look into your mouth. We spend a full hour carefully evaluating your bite, mouth and jaw. When you leave, you will know exactly what course of treatment, if any, we would recommend for you. And if you choose treatment, you’ll be getting an early start.

What can you expect during this initial visit?
First, you’ll meet Dr. Jordan and the team and tour our office. We’ll want to know why you are considering braces and what you hope to achieve. We’ll also get your medical and dental history.

Then we’ll take oral and facial photos and a 3D X-ray. This low-radiation 3D X-ray gives us a detailed view of not only your bite but also your jaw joints and airway, which is important in planning your treatment.

With this information, Dr. Jordan will perform a full oral exam. At the end of the exam, he’ll go over his findings with you, let you know if you would benefit from braces and give you your options. The team will discuss with you the costs and flexible payment plans.

You can take all this information home to think about or discuss with your family. If you already know you want to go ahead with treatment, we can start that day. You may be surprised how quickly you can achieve your perfect smile.

Dr. Jordan uses a method that allows us to complete your treatment several months faster than with conventional treatment. At your first visit, he makes an impression of your mouth, then later fits your braces onto that model. By using the model, he is able to perfect the fit before actually placing the braces.

When your braces are installed, they are placed directly onto your teeth in just two pieces – top and bottom. This process can save six months or more of treatment time over traditional braces, which are attached one bracket at a time and often need several adjustments before they are exactly right. Dr. Jordan has had hours of specialized training to master this technique.

Why do we invest so much in a free exam?
We know that taking the time for a thorough evaluation at the outset ensures we can create your perfect treatment plan and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. A healthy bite and beautiful smile are important to your health and your quality of life. A bad bite, or malocclusion, can lead to eventual tooth loss and harbor plaque bacteria that can cause cavities and affect your general well-being.

If you are interested in learning if braces would benefit you, please call our office at 707-226-5555 for a free – and thorough – consultation. We offer clear braces, hidden (lingual) braces and Invisalign, so you always have a beautiful smile even while you’re undergoing treatment.