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LightForce Braces

LightForce – a new era of custom bracesOne-stop-solution to every patient’s need for personalized orthodonticsImagine the joy when someone says, “This was tailor-made for you!” Off the top of your hat, you instantly know that it is going to be nothing short of...

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Clear Braces vs. Metal Braces

Battle of the braces clear braces vs. metal braces If the word "braces" conjures up images of a mouth covered in metal, you may need a reboot. Today's braces wearers have choices – and none of them involve wrapping the teeth with metal. Braces of brackets and...

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Braces … Again?

Do I really need braces....again? A number of our patients are second-timers – adults and even older teens who had braces when they were younger and now need them again. The first question these patients ask is: Can I do this twice? The short answer is nearly always...

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7 Great Reasons to Smile!

smile and be happy! 7 great reasons to smile At Hello Ortho, we are all about creating beautiful smiles. If you’re shy about letting your joy shine through because your teeth aren’t perfect, braces – invisible or nearly so – will remedy that. From the start of...

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Am I Too Old For Orthodontics?

Forever young am I too old for orthodontics? If you're an adult who needs braces – for whatever reason: maybe you never had them as a child, your teeth have since shifted, or your dentist has alerted you to bite or jaw problems – there’s good news: You’re never too...

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